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2019-20 Student Handbook

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Students are urged to cooperate in securing orderly passing in the building and a quiet-orderly building in which to work during class periods.

End of Period

Students will not be excused from classes before the bell rings.  The end of the period is a symbol for the teacher, not the students.  Teachers dismiss students.

Faculty & Staff

Address the faculty and staff as Miss, Mrs., Ms., Mr., or Coach.


The school has a right to expect that a student’s attitude toward others be courteous and respectful.  Displaying affection in public places indicates poor manners.  Remember, both your school and you are judged by your actions.


Watch your speech.  Your language should always be such as becomes a lady or a gentleman.  Correct English is necessary to express one self and to communicate with others.  The school is a good place to develop clean and proper use of the English language.  This is also true on the athletic field, on the campus, and in the building.  Foul language will not be permitted.

Loitering after School

Students are to leave the building at the completion of the school day, unless they are directly involved in activities or under a teacher’s supervision. Students in sports activities will leave directly through the south doors after practice. Students are expected to bring their homework or school project to their practice locker with them. Students will not be permitted to go to their lockers during home activities.

Off Limits to Students

                  Custodial rooms

                  Boiler rooms

                  Basement stairways - except to Art room

                  Decatur tunnel

Passing in Halls

Keep to the right as you pass in the halls.  Do not run, shuffle, whistle, or talk in a load voice.

Passes (Hall)

Students are not to be in the halls during class period unless they have a properly signed hall pass.  Hall passes are to be kept to a minimum.

Passes (Town)

Students are NOT to leave the building or grounds without a properly signed “PERMIT TO LEAVE THE BUILDING” Pass.  This includes the signature of the teacher.  On making a request, REMEMBER you must sign OUT and IN at the office.  Students must also have a signed permission form on file in the office.

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco

Smoking and chewing of tobacco are prohibited any place about the building or on campus.  Students in possession of tobacco will be issued ISS and police authorities will be contacted for ticketing.

Gym Floor

Students are not permitted to walk across the gym floor to get from one hall to the other.


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