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2019-20 Student Handbook

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As Red Devils, our conduct should reflect pride in our school, our community, and ourselves.  The following guidelines should serve students of DCJ/SHS in the area of proper conduct on school-sponsored trips.  It is not meant to cover every situation but rather the basics associated with all school-sponsored trips.


·       Students are to refrain from the following at all times on school-sponsored trips:

         Showing affection for each other

         Using profanity

         Using tobacco

         Partaking of alcoholic beverages or other drugs


         Shoplifting or stealing

·       Students, when in cities, should never be alone.  They should stay in groups of two or more.  Students violating the above codes are subject to:

         Suspension from the school activities

         Suspension from future school activity trips for an indefinite period

         Suspension from school

·       On school activity trips, the basic guideline is “that we leave together and return together.”  No deviations will be made without consulting the principal in advance.

         Activity Meal Policy--The activities director and principal will determine the activities that qualify for the meal allowance.  On qualifying activities   

        away from home, the District will provide $6 per meal. Meal money will only be provided for students and sponsors for overnight trips and state competitions.

·       The DCHS student driver permission form and contract for activities are in back of this student handbook. Notes should be brought to the office by 8:30 a.m. the day of the activity.

School Bus Conduct

·       Students will not change seats while the bus is in motion, except by direction of sponsor.

·       Students will not deface bus parts by writing, feet, etc.

·       Students’ seating arrangements will be left to discretion of the sponsor.

·       Students will not use obscenities--including vocal and/or hand signals.

·       Students will keep their arms, hands, feet, head, and possessions inside the bus.

·       Students will use normal conversations--excessive noise is unnecessary. School yells are permissible.

·       Students will police the bus and leave it in a neat and orderly fashion with all trash in the proper receptacles.

·       Students may only watch PG-13, PG, G rated movies on the bus.

Restaurant Conduct

·       Students will have a neat personal appearance.

·       Standards of service will not always be what we expect.  Student complaints should be made to sponsors, not to the management or the help.

·       Students will display courtesy and good manners in restaurants at all times.

Motel/Hotel Conduct

·       Students will leave rooms in the manner in which they were found.

·       Students will remain in groups of two or more; do not wander around alone.

·       Students should report all irregularities immediately to the sponsor.

·       In respect to other guests in the motel/hotel, students are not to be excessively noisy and/or rowdy.

·       Standards of service will not always be what we expect.  Student complaints should be made to sponsors, not to the management or the help.

·       Students will have a sponsor present in a motel/hotel room when both girls and boys are present.

·       Where advisable, a parent or senior should be in each room and in charge.

Away Trip Technology Policy

·       Students are allowed to have cell phones and other technology when attending an away trip or overnight trip.  The district is not responsible for any technology brought by students.  The students may use cell phones to contact parents.  Cell phones or other devices may not be used to message or photograph anything or anyone without permission from staff.  Staff may collect cell phones at any time from students to prohibit use or distractions.   Staff members are then responsible for the technology until it is returned to the student.   Any evidence of abuse in regards to this policy could result in administrative action, possible dismissal from activity or team, and/or loss of technology privileges at school.

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