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Local Scholarships

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DCHS Local Scholarships

                                                DCHS Local Scholarships

                                 Click here to download the list of scholarships: Scholarship List.xlsx

Number Available
Min. GPA
Description & Criteria
Alif Be Khe

Organization Selects

Click on the link: Alif Be Khe Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
American Legion
Need Based Click on the link: American Legion Scholarship.pdf April 1
American Legion Auxiliary 1 $350 2.00

 Female, Need Based

Click on the link: American Legion Auxillary Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Aquarius Club   $250     Click on the link: Aquarius Club Educational Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Bearley 1 $500   Education Major Click on the link: Bearley Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Benton 1 $1,500 2.00 Respect, Activities, Attendance Click on the link: Benton Scholarship Application.pdf April 1

Prefer FHSU 

Respect,leadership, attendance

Apply at http://gscf.org/ February 15
Corey Cook Memorial 1 $500 2.5   Click on the link: Corey Cook Memorial Scholarship Scholarship Application.pdf April 15
Cliff and Avis (Willcoxon) Davis 1 $1,000 3.0 Female attending Community College or Tech School Click on the link:  Cliff and Avis Willcoxon Scholarship Application.pdf May 1
Decatur Community     2.5 Extra-curricular Activities & Community Service Apply at http://gscf.org March 1
Decatur Coop Association   $1,000 2.50 Parent must be a member Apply at www.decaturcoop.net April 1
Decatur County Farm Bureau   $600 2.5 Parent must be a member Click on the link: Decatur County Farm Bureau Scholarship Application.pdf April 15
Edwards Endowment     2.0 Must be filled out online https://www.gnwkcf.org/scholarships April 1
Erickson 1   2.5 Preference to applicants who participated in wrestling Apply at http://gscf.org February 15
Erickson (Area Community Enrichment Foundation) 2 $1,500   Strong consideration will be given to those interested in education, working with children, or ag. Click on the link: Erickson (Area Community Enrichment Foundation) Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Fredrickson (Nursing) 1 $500 3.00 Going into medical field Apply at http://gscf.org March 1
Pete Henry Varies amounts vary     Click on the link: New Pete Henry Scholarship Application.pdf March 1
Jaycees 2     School and community activities Click on the link: Oberlin Jaycee's Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Kansas County Clerks 1 $500 3.0

Journalism, political science, or communications major.

Click on the link: Kansas County Clerks Scholarship Application.pdf

April 5
KU Love 1 $2,000 3.70 Requires KU. Merit based. Renewable for 4 years with 3.0 GPA. Renewable for 4 years with 3.0 GPA.  See Mrs. Tally for an application April 1
Lions Club 2 $500   Community Service Click on the link: Oberlin Lions Club Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Lora Marietta ROTC 1 $1,000 2.5 Must take ROTC Class Click on the link: Lora Marietta ROTC Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Mott 1 $500 2.0   Apply at http://gscf.org February 15
NWK Library System   $500   Prefers majors in literature, library science or education Click on the link: NWKLS Scholarship Application 2020.pdf April 2
Automotive Training Click on the link:  Pavlicek Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
PEO 1 $200 3.00 Female Click on the link: Oberlin PEO Scholarship Application.pdf April 2
Petracek 1 $200   Prefers health related field Click on the link: Petracek Memorial Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Pheasants Forever at least 1 $500   Must be involved in Pheasants Forever Click on the link:  Pheasants Forever Scholarship Application.pdf April 15
Railsback 1 $300 2.00 Prefer education major. Respect, leadership, attendance. Click on the link: Railsback Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Gatlin Reichert  Memorial 1 $500 2.00 Must take an art class at CCC Click on the link: Gatlin Reichert Memorial Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Robinson 4-H 1 $500   Must be a Decatur County 4-H Member Forms available at the Decatur County Extension Office or click on the link: Robinson 4-H Scholarship Application .pdf April 1
Oberlin Rotary 2 $750 2.50 Respect, school and community activities, and attendance. Click on the link:  Oberlin Rotary Scholarship Application.pdf April 15
Rotary - Charlie Corcoran Memorial 2 $500 2.50 Respect, school and community activities, and attendance. Click on the link: Charlie Corcoran Memorial Scholarship Application.pdf April 15
Sherri Ruf Memorial 1 $1,000   Financial need is top consideration. Click on the link:  Sherri Ruf Memorial Scholarship Application.pdf May 1
Scott 1 $100 2.50 Merit with need factor Click on the link: Scott Memorial Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Shobe 1 $1,000 2.00 Art, computer, graphics, architect, or design. Apply at http://gscf.org May 1
Sons of American Legion


  Click on the link: Sons of the American Legion Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Teachers' Association 1 $250 3.00 Education major. School and community activities. Click on the link: Teachers' Association Scholarship Application.pdf April 1
Colonel Delbert L. Townsend 2


3.0 Must attend KSU Merit Based See Mrs. Tally for application

Apply Mid January

Due March 1

Townsend 2-year 3 $1,500 for 2 years 3.0   Apply at http://gscf.org March 1
Willcoxon 1 $10,000 3.0

Must attend KU Merit based

See Mrs. Tally for application

Apply Mid January

Due March 1


2 (8 Max) $2,800 3.00 Merit by points: final GPA, ACT, attendance, etc.
4 Years
Contact Mrs.Tally for the forms.  June 1
Lippelmann 2 $2,800 ($700 per year) 2.00 Need, then merit based. Final GPA, ACT, etc.
4 Years
Contact Mrs. Tally for the forms. June 1
Smick Memorial Loan Fund         Click on the link for the application: SMICK MEMORIAL LOAN July 1
Class of 1967 1 $500  

Alumni selects. Every 5 years only

Will not be given in 2020

Class of 1971 1 $500 2.50

Alumni selects. Every 5 years only

Will not be given in 2020  


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