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2019-20 Student Handbook

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SCHOOL ANTHEM                                                                         SCHOOL SONG

Nestled in the Sappa Valley,                                                     (Tune:  Go U Northwestern)

      Lies our county seat.                                            

Here is found our dear old high school                                   Go you Red Devils,

     Where young people meet.                                                 Fight right thru that line

                                                                                                With the colors flying

Meet that they may get a blessing,                                          We will cheer you

      Also learn to bless.                                                             All the time--

By the strength obtained in learning,                                        Rah, Rah, Rah

     At DCHS.

                                                                                                  Go you Red Devils,

We are proud of old Decatur                                                    Fight for victory--

     And our County School                                                       Fight for the fame

For the years passed here in study,                                            of our fair name

      Will the future rule.                                                              Go you Devils, win that game-


Some may win, ‘tis true, without it,                                       Go you Devils win that game

    But we make a guess                                                          Go Devils Go

That they lose by not attending                                               Go you Devils win that game

    At DCHS.                                                                            Go Devils Go

                                                                                                Hit ‘em high, Hit ‘em low

Then hurrah for Alma Mater                                                    Go Devils Go

    May she live and grow

Till a hundred thousand classes

    From her portals go.


And in future on life’s pathway,

    May we meet success

And review our happy school days

    At DCHS.


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