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2019-20 Student Handbook

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U.S.D 294 Board of Education prohibits bullying in any form either by any student, staff member, or parent towards a student or by a student, staff member, or parent towards a staff member on or while using school property, in a school vehicle, any school-sponsored activity or event, or cyber-bullying that effects the school day.  For the purposes of this policy, the term “bullying” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Kansas law.

Bullying is defined as:

Any repeated intentional gesture or intentional written, verbal, or physical act or threat that is sufficiently severe or pervasive that creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for a student or staff member that a reasonable person, under the circumstances, knows or should know will have the effect of:

 Complaint Procedures:

It is considered the responsibility of all school staff members and students to report acts of bullying to a member of the school staff or administration as designated.

-        Building Principal

-        School Counselor

-        Classroom Teacher-Forwarded to Counselor or Principal

-        School Para- Forwarded to teacher- Forwarded to Counselor or Principal


All such reports are to be taken seriously by the party designated by the policy to receive such reports.  The school staff or administrators will support students and coworkers making such reports and protect against any potential retaliation for making such a report.

Students and staff making prompt, accurate, and thorough reports, either verbally or in writing will have those reports recorded by the staff receiving them.  An investigation to determine the facts will take place immediately or as soon as practical, in order to verify the validity and seriousness of the report.

Filing a report in good faith will not reflect upon the individual’s status, nor will it affect his or her grades or employment status by the district if the complaint is an adult staff member.  The district shall keep the complaint confidential for both the accused and the accuser, until such time as the misconduct is confirmed and sanctions are imposed.

Sanctions and Support:

Programs designated to prevent bullying behavior; redirect students from continuing to bully and to support both victims of bullies and the bullies themselves shall be adopted.  These Programs take many forms and include classroom activities and instruction.

Where it is determined that students participated in bullying behavior in violation of the policy, the school district staff responsible for maintaining order and discipline may take disciplinary action including suspension, expulsion, and referral to law enforcement officials for possible legal action.

Employees found to have participated in bullying behavior or having become aware that bullying was taking place and failed to report the behavior, are considered to be in violation of the prohibition expressed by the policy.  They may be subject to disciplinary action consistent with the collective bargaining agreement or disciplinary action established by policy or practice.

Disclosure and Public Reporting:

Notification to all parties subject to this policy defining and prohibiting bullying shall be made annually.  A summary of the policy will be incorporated into student and employee handbooks.

Data on the number and types of reports made under this prohibition, the results of investigations undertaken to verify the details made in complaints, and the sanctions imposed for incidents found to be violation of the same are to be kept on an annual aggregated basis.  No individuals, either complainants or violators, will be named in such reports.


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