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2019-20 Student Handbook

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Dues assessed by class or club members should be kept to a minimum and not exceed a reasonable estimate of actual need.  Sponsors will exercise guidance in this respect.  All class dues, grades 9 - 12, will be determined at the first of the year in a class meeting and will be approved by the sponsor.  It is normal procedure that students are not allowed to participate in class functions (out of school), such as class parties, unless they have paid their dues.


                  Each student organization is to appoint a student to serve as treasurer.  This student will keep a set of books for receipts and disbursements for his/her organization.  The student treasurer is responsible for keeping an accurate record of all business transactions.

                  The student treasurer is to work closely with the faculty sponsor.  The faculty sponsor must check with the student at frequent intervals and see that bills are picked up, presented for payment, and recorded properly.  A special record book has been ordered for each organization and will be given to the student from the office.

                  The student treasurer will turn all organizational money in to Principal’s Office, who will serve as school treasurer.  The office personnel will give a receipt to the student treasurer each time that money is received. 

                  Faculty sponsors of student organizations will be responsible in obtaining a purchase order number from the office before purchasing supplies.

                  Once a month, the office personnel will issue a financial statement.  When this is issued, all student treasurers should meet with their faculty sponsors and check to see that their accounts balance with the office.

            Graduating Class Funds: At anytime classes have funds left in their activity account after graduation, the class officers have 3 years to request the funds.  After that time the funds will be transferred to the student council activity fund.


                  The club/faculty sponsor will assist in setting up elections and balloting in order to create a more stable organization.

                  Student Council elections will be held the first week of April.  The Student Council will set dates (subject to the approval of the principal) for election party meetings, primaries, candidates’ speeches, and elections.

                  After Student Council elections, class and club officers’ elections will be held.  Sponsors are responsible for seeing that the elections are held and that all results are turned in to the office of the principal.  The number of offices that a student can hold is as follows:

·       No one shall hold more than one major office and two minor offices or more than four minor offices, unless approved by counselor and principal.

·       All club and class presidencies shall be major offices.  All other offices shall be minor offices.

The faculty sponsor will point out that organizations work best if proper care and thought are exercised in selecting officers who are qualified for the jobs involved.  Each officer should be called upon to tell what other offices he/she already holds before balloting begins so that all offices will not be concentrated in the hands of a few students.  This will create a better feeling among the students of our school.

·       Freshman class will pick their class colors.

·       Sophomore class will pick their class flower.

·       Junior class will pick their class motto.

·       Senior class will pick their class song.



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