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Regional Music Results

DCHS Journalism

Isabel Grafel

April 02, 2019

Oberlin musicians received 24 I's and 14 II's at Regional Music Festival on Saturday, March 30. Regional music has been held at Decatur Community High School for many years.

Vocalists receiving I ratings on their solos were Skyler Brown, Malia Bishop, Faith Meitl, Lily Hendrickson, Dani Rouse, and Sarah Abernathy.

James Garner, Trae Woolsey, Taite Woolsey, Jean Soderlund, and Erin May received II ratings.

Band soloists who received a I rating include Jean Soderlund on baritone saxophone and clarinet, Faith on trumpet and violin, Erin May on flute, Isabel Grafel on French horn, Dani Rouse on flute, Josiah Weyeneth on trumpet, Cindy Sheaffer on clarinet, and Spencer Wishon on euphonium.

KeLynn Jacobs on flute, Sam Jimenez on tuba, Erin May on trombone, Melody Koerperich on flute, and Gage Scott on trombone received II’s. 

Vocal ensembles that received I ratings were the Sophomore Women's Ensemble, Singer Men’s Ensemble, Singer Senior Women's Ensemble, and the DCHS Singers.

Members of the Sophomore Women's Ensemble are KeLynn Jacobs, Emma Anderson, Mackenzie Urban, Sarah Abernathy, Melody Koerperich, and Gracie Vontz.

Members of the Singers Men’s ensemble are James Garner, David Waterman, Zac Corbett, Trae Woolsey, Taite Woolsey, Andrew Juenemann, and Kaden O'Hare. 

The Singer Senior Women's Ensemble includes Faith Meitl, Dani Rouse, and Jean Soderlund.

The DCHS Singers are James Garner, David Waterman, Zac Corbett, Trae Woolsey, Taite Woolsey, Andrew Juenemann, Kaden O’Hare, Jean Soderlund, Dani Rouse, Erin May, Skyler Brown, Emma Anderson, and Faith Meitl. 

Instrumental ensembles receiving I’s were the Woodwind Quintet, the Advanced Trumpet Trio of Faith Meitl, Kaylen Ashley, and Amy Wentz; the Saxophone Quintet, and the Flute Trio of Erin May, KeLynn Jacobs, and Melody Koerperich.

Members of the Woodwind Quintet are Isabel Grafel, Jean Soderlund, Dani Rouse, Taite Woolsey, and Cindy Sheaffer.

The Saxophone Quintet members include Jean Soderlund, James Garner, Taite Woolsey, David Waterman, and Josh Russ. 

Ensembles that earned II ratings were the Women's Ensemble, Advanced Women's Ensemble, Men's Ensemble, and the Clarinet Trio of Courtlyn Waterman, Jack Farr, and Malia Bishop.

The Women's Ensemble included Courtlyn Waterman, Jacie Fortin, Sierra Davis, Angela Davis, Morgan Ketterl, Riley Ketterl, Jacquelyn Marshall, Cimmarron Kelley, McKenna Fortin, Brynna Addleman, Lindsey Eskew, Alexys Muehlenkamp, Breckyn Jensen, and Malia Bishop. 

Members of the Advanced Women's Ensemble are Courtlyn Waterman, Alexys Muehlenkamp, Erin May, Melody Koerperich, Lindsey Eskew, Sarah Abernathy, Skyler Brown, Gracie Vontz, Mackenzie Urban, Malia Bishop, KeLynn Jacobs, McKenna Fortin, and Brynna Addleman.

The Men's Ensemble includes Elijah Rankin, Isiah Rankin, Gage Van Meter, Reece Grafel, Zander Kempt, Hunter Garner, Breckin Sauvage, Jack Farr, Tod Mastin, and Nathan Cartmell. 

"We had a great day of performances," said band director Devin Carey. "I heard from two of the judges that the music played by area schools is more difficult and performed better compared to some other parts of the state." 

All soloists and ensembles earning I’s have qualified for State Music, which will be held April 27 at Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina. 

Click on images to see more pictures from the recital.

Regional Music Results

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