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5cd597abe8b86 Mr. Miesner presents Jean Soderlund with the American Legion Scholarship
Mr. Miesner presents Jean Soderlund with the American Legion Scholarship

2019 DCHS Awards and Scholarships

May 10, 2019

Over $118,100 was presented to the DCHS Class of 2019 at the annual awards assembly on Wednesday, May 8.  With the Hansen Foundation scholarships and the Pete Henry Foundation scholarships, the total is $242,200.  Thank you to the generous community members, clubs, and alumni who provide these scholarships to our students:


Dane G. Hansen Scholarships  Faith Meitl, Kaylen Ashley, Isabel Grafel, Kaden O’Hare, Clayton Carter, Alex Hayward, Reegon Witt, Tyler McHugh


Pete Henry Scholarships – Faith Meitl, Clayton Carter, Isabel Grafel, Alex Hayward, Maddie Johnson, Reegon Witt, Kaden O’Hare, Dani Rouse, Zac Corbett, Andrew Juenemann, Cindy Sheaffer


Colonel Townsend K-State Scholarships  - Isabel Grafel, Kaden O’Hare


Gertrude & Cloyd B. Railsback Memorial ScholarshipJean Soderlund


Greater Salina Foundation Scholarships:                   

Colonel Townsend 2-Year Scholarship –  Clayton Carter, Zac Corbett, Cindy Sheaffer  

Jody Fredrickson Nursing Scholarship – Clayton Carter  

Decatur Community Scholarships – Dani Rouse and Zac Corbett  

Betts Family Scholarship – Cindy Sheaffer  

Glen L. and Edna Mott Memorial Scholarship – Zac Corbett

Erik Erickson Scholarship – Andrew Juenemann  

Flora Elizabeth Boutz Edwards Endowment Scholarships- Andrew Juenemann, Faith Meitl, Zac Corbett, Dani Rouse, Reegon Witt, Isabel Grafel, Kaylen Ashley, Maddie Johnson, Cindy Sheaffer, Clayton Carter, Kaden O’Hare, Alex Hayward, Kensey Garrett  


Aquarius Education Scholarships -  Faith Meitl, Clayton Carter, Jean Soderlund  


Oberlin Rotary Scholarships - Dani Rouse, Maddie Johnson  


Charlie Corcoran Rotary Scholarships - Clayton Carter, Cindy Sheaffer  


Emily Shobe Memorial Art Scholarship - Stacia Russ  


Sherri Ruf Memorial Scholarship - Jean Soderlund


Oberlin Jaycees Education Scholarships - Clayton Carter, Alex Hayward  


Goldie and Clara Scott Memorial Scholarship- Kara Haselhorst, Reegon Witt  


Algoth & Elma Lee (Bearley) Erickson Scholarships- Reegon Witt, Jean Soderlund  


John and Nora Bearley Memorial Scholarship Jean Soderlund  


KBOR Certificates for Exceptional Academic Performance- (32 on ACT) – Kaylen Ashley, Faith Meitl, Kaden O’Hare              


KBOR Recommended Curriculum Completers and State Scholars- Kaylen Ashley, Zac Corbett, Isabel Grafel, Alex Hayward, Faith Meitl, Kaden O’Hare


President’s Awards

Gold Awards (25 on ACT and 3.5 GPA) – Kaylen Ashley, Clayton Carter, Zac Corbett, Isabel Grafel, Alex Hayward, Maddie Johnson, Faith Meitl, Kaden O’Hare

Silver Award (for exceptional performance)

            Forensics – Dani Rouse

            Spanish – Kaylen Ashley, Faith Meitl

            Theater – Kaylen Ashley, Jack Mumm, Reegon Witt

            Digital Media – Kaylen Ashley, Kaden O’Hare

            Journalism – Kaylen Ashley, Isabel Grafel

            Industrial Arts – Jack Mumm

            Silver Hammer Award for Industrial Arts – Jack Mumm


Lions Club Scholarships – Jean Soderlund, Patience Carman  


Decatur Coop Scholarships –  Clayton Carter, Reegon Witt    


American Legion Auxiliary Scholarships - Faith Meitl, Jean Soderlund  


Corey Cook Memorial Scholarship - Clayton Carter  


American Legion Scholarship – Jean Soderlund  


Sons of the American Legion Scholarship – Maddie Johnson  


Pheasants Forever Scholarships – Alex Hayward, Reegon Witt


Monty Mockry Memorial Weightlifting Award – Aubrey Sporn


Alif Be Khe Scholarships - Faith Meitl, Jean Soderlund, Kaylen Ashley, Isabel Grafel, Maddie Johnson, Zac Corbett, Alex Hayward, Kara Haselhorst, Drew Juenemann, Dani Rouse, Kaden O’Hare, Clayton Carter, Cindy Sheaffer, Reegon Witt, Kensey Garrett


Archie & Lola Hamilton Science Scholarships – Alex Hayward, Faith Meitl  


PEO Senior Girl Awards – Dani Rouse, Cindy Sheaffer  


Teachers’ Association Scholarship – Jean Soderlund  


Leigh Davis Memorial Scholarship (Thespian of the Year) – Reegon Witt  


American Red Cross Scholarship – Faith Meitl  


Cliff and Avis (Willcoxon) Davis Memorial Scholarship – Clayton Carter  


Petracek Memorial Scholarship – Clayton Carter  


James Buchholz Memorial Scholarship – Jean Soderlund, Dani Rouse  


Howard and Irene Benton Scholarship – Kaylen Ashley  


Gatlin Reichert Memorial Scholarship – Clayton Carter  


Ralph A. and Mildred C. Pavlicek Memorial Scholarship – Reegon Witt  


I Dare You Leadership Awards – Anna Carter, Colton Ketterl


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5cd597abe8b86Colonel Townsend K-State Scholarship Recipients - Kaden O'Hare and Isabel Grafel
Colonel Townsend K-State Scholarship Recipients - Kaden O'Hare and Isabel Grafel

National Honor Society MedallionsKaylen Ashley, Clayton Carter, Isabel Grafel, Alex Hayward, Maddie Johnson, Faith Meitl, Kaden O’Hare, Dani Rouse, Cindy Sheaffer


Perfect Attendance Awards – Jacquelyn Marshall, Kaylen Ashley, Zac Corbett, Faith Meitl (2 years), Jean Soderlund (4 years)


Scholarship Awards – 3.4 or higher for the first three nine weeks- Kaylen Ashley, Zac Corbett, Kensey Garrett, Isabel Grafel, Alex Hayward, Dani Rouse, Cindy Sheaffer, Aubrey Sporn, Reegon Witt, Anna Carter, Kennedy Jensen, Piper Koerperich, Sage Lohoefener, Erin May, Alissa Sporn, Kalen Townsend, Alyssa Van Vleet, Trae Woolsey, Sarah Abernathy, Emma Anderson, Lily Hendrickson, KeLynn Jacobs, Melody Koerperich, Alana Raile, Gavon Uehlin, Mackenzie Urban, Gracie Vontz, Spencer Wishon, Taite Woolsey, Jacie Fortin, Reece Grafel, Riley Ketterl, Isiah Rankin, Breckin Sauvage, Gage Scott


Principal’s Awards – 4.0 for the first three nine weeks – Clayton Carter, Maddie Johnson, Faith Meitl, Kaden O’Hare, Gabe Peter, Sam Jimenez, Josh Russ, Gabe Seller, Brynna Addleman, Logan Hayward, Breckin Jensen


Dale Dennis Citizenship Award – Maddie Johnson


KSHSAA Citizenship Awards – Andrew Juenemann, Faith Meitl


GRAND TOTAL - $242,200


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