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Results of Rawlins County Quadrangular - 4/1/21

The DCHS Track and Field Team had four first-place finishes at the first track meet of the season, which was at Atwood on Thursday, April 1.  With COVID-19 shutting down schools and all high school sports last spring, this was the first track meet since April of 2019.

Junior Brynna Addleman won the shot put with a throw of 35' 9.25", and freshman Rayne Erickson placed first in the 400m and 800m runs and the high jump, with a jump of 5'4".

Top Six Results: (For complete results: RAWLINS COUNTY QUAD)

Women's 100 Meters 

1. Kennedy Werth   13.32hPR Quinter
2. Kai Morrison   13.90hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
3. Karoline Schroeder   13.92hPR Wheatland
4. Halle Habiger   14.08hPR Wheatland
5. Lily Hendrickson   15.00hPR Decatur Community
6. Kerri Heier   15.15hPR Wheatland


Men's 100 Meters  

1. Tyrell Chapin   11.95hSR Wheatland
2. Trace Kinderknecht   12.04hPR Quinter
3. Josh Popp   12.24hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
4. Tod Mastin   12.27hSR Decatur Community
5. Jett Vincent   12.28hPR Wheatland
6. Pablo Bermudez   12.45hPR Cheylin


Women's 200 Meters  

1. Kai Morrison   29.83hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
2. Anna Godek   31.64hSR Wheatland
3. Lily Hendrickson   32.28hPR Decatur Community
4. Nicole Chumley   33.41hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
5. Abby Micek   33.68hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
6. Vivian Yanez   33.82hPR Cheylin


Men's 200 Meters   

1. Isaac Mendez   25.56hPR Wheatland
2. Josh Popp   25.80hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
3. Teague Morford   26.21hPR Decatur Community
4. Kelby Garrett   26.60hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
5. Trevor Zarybnicky   26.72hPR Wheatland
6. Treven Humphries   27.13hPR Wheatland


Women's 400 Meters  

1. Rayne Erickson   1:00.85hPR Decatur Community
2. Anna Briggs   1:07.49hPR Quinter
3. Karoline Schroeder   1:18.30hPR Wheatland
4. Abby Frank   1:19.00hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co


Men's 400 Meters  

1. Bradley Bogert   55.28hPR Quinter
2. Jacob Richardson   59.13hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
3. Matthew Elder   59.99hPR Quinter
4. Kelby Garrett   1:01.56hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
5. Victor Hernandez   1:01.64hPR Cheylin
6. Tod Mastin   1:03.00hSR Decatur Community


Women's 800 Meters  

1. Rayne Erickson   2:45.85hPR Decatur Community
2. Grace Wright   2:59.75hPR Cheylin
3. Joselyn McCain   3:24.23hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co
4. Kamryn Oien   3:27.78hPR Decatur Community
5. Dani Weyeneth   3:31.48hPR Decatur Community
6. Xavia Brenn   3:34.20hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co

Women's 1600 Meters  

1. Saige Betz   6:43.00hPR Quinter
2. Leah Anstaett   6:43.66hPR Quinter
3. Paige Bell   6:58.84hPR Quinter
4. Kathryn Hurst   7:15.00hSR Atwood-Rawlins Co
5. Kamryn Oien   7:16.75hPR Decatur Community
6. Joselyn McCain   7:36.78hPR Atwood-Rawlins Co


Women's Shot Put - 4kg  

1. Brynna Addleman   35-09.25PR Decatur Community
2. Kirsten Schroeder   35-08.50SR Wheatland
3. Tyra Schultz   31-06.75PR Wheatland
4. Kayler Getz   29-05.00SR Quinter
5. Abby Micek   28-10.50PR Atwood-Rawlins Co
6. Brooke Porubsky   28-00.50PR Cheylin
6. Avery Witt   28-00.50PR Decatur Community


Men's Shot Put - 12lb  

1. Trevor Zarybnicky   46-10.00PR Wheatland
2. Tucker Gillespie   41-00.00PR Quinter
3. Jaden Boone   39-07.00PR Quinter
4. Logan Koger   39-02.00PR Decatur Community
5. Braden Polifka   38-01.00PR Quinter
6. Dashiell Brown   37-06.00PR Quinter


Women's Discus - 1kg  

1. Kayler Getz   93-11SR Quinter
2. Tyra Schultz   92-04SR Wheatland
3. Gabbie Vontz   90-03PR Decatur Community
4. Brynna Addleman   86-08PR Decatur Community
5. Kirsten Schroeder   78-01SR Wheatland
6. Avery Witt   73-04PR Decatur Community


Men's Discus - 1.6kg  

1. Trevor Zarybnicky   120-04PR Wheatland
2. John Serrano   117-04PR Cheylin
3. Braden Polifka   113-10PR Quinter
4. Tucker Gillespie   112-07SR Quinter
5. Jaden Boone   108-04PR Quinter
6. Logan Koger   105-03PR Decatur Community


Women's Javelin - 600g  

1. Livia Schultz   98-09.50PR Wheatland
2. Tyra Schultz   91-07PR Wheatland
3. Kayler Getz   91-01.50SR Quinter
4. Chalea Kvasnicka   84-01PR Quinter
5. Breyana Gehring   81-05.50PR Decatur Community
6. Kaelyn Wells   78-09PR Atwood-Rawlins Co


Women's High Jump  

1. Rayne Erickson   5-04.00PR Decatur Community
2. Anna Briggs   5-00.00PR Quinter
3. Breyana Gehring   4-06.00PR Decatur Community
4. Kathryn Hurst   4-00.00PR Atwood-Rawlins Co


Men's High Jump   

1. Jett Vincent   6-00.00PR Wheatland
2. Bradley Bogert   5-06.00PR Quinter
3. Logan McCarty   5-02.00PR Cheylin
4. Tod Mastin   5-02.00SR Decatur Community
5. Josh Popp   5-00.00PR Atwood-Rawlins Co
6. Kenneth Micek   4-10.00PR Atwood-Rawlins Co


Women's Pole Vault  

1. Kennedy Werth   8-00.00PR Quinter
2. Ashlyn Livas   7-00.00SR Atwood-Rawlins Co
3. Isabella Ostmeyer   7-00.00SR Wheatland
4. Halle Habiger   7-00.00PR Wheatland
5. Jordyn Beckmann   6-06.00PR Wheatland
6. Kamryn Oien   6-06.00PR Decatur Community


Men's Pole Vault  

1. Trey Vincent   10-00.00SR Wheatland
2. Treven Humphries   9-06.00PR Wheatland
3. Drew Withington   9-00.00PR Atwood-Rawlins Co
4. Avery Reyes   6-06.00SR Decatur Community
5. Henry Holle   6-06.00PR Atwood-Rawlins Co


Men's Long Jump  

1. Trace Kinderknecht   20-00.00PR Quinter
2. Trey Vincent   18-05.00PR Wheatland
3. Treven Humphries   18-01.00PR Wheatland
4. Zayne Beckner   17-10.00PR Quinter
5. Tod Mastin   17-04.50PR Decatur Community
6. Ethan Gruenbacher   16-05.50PR Quinter



Varsity - Mens
1. Quinter 150
2. Wheatland 111
3. Atwood-Rawlins Co 44
4. Cheylin 42
5. Decatur Community 13
Varsity - Womens
1. Quinter 113
2. Wheatland 97
3. Atwood-Rawlins Co 52
3. Decatur Community 52
5. Cheylin 18