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Hobbies Day was a SUCCESS!

Decatur Community High School held its first ever “Hobbies Day” on Wednesday, April 15.  The students had just a half-day of school, so they spent the morning rotating to three different sessions, learning and experiencing some things that their teachers really enjoy.


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Teachers and staff members taught and showed off their hobbies and passions – and hopefully the students learned something too.


Sessions included the following:

Archery – Jason Ketterl

Bird Dogs at Work – Kenny Black

Board Games and More – Gina Witt and Lacey Tally

General Car maintenance and body work – Mark Bricker

Crafting with a Cricut – Jenee Davis

Dance – 2 Step, Swing, Line Dances – Kathryn Tremblay and Jillian Springer

Macrame Plant Hangers – Wendy Scott

Emotional Support Dog – Michaela Coryell

Hydroponic – Gannon Reichert

Learn to Crochet – Libby Fort

Learn to Play Chess – Trevor Williams

Learn to Play Pinochle – Brad Persinger

Learn to Play 4-Point Pitch – Kyle Breth

Ping Pong – Brandon Hardwick and Tim Breth

How to Make Sushi – Jenny Tally and Allison Vahling

Tatebanko – Japanese Dioramas – Ladd Wendelin

Yoga – Kellen Fernetti

Sprint Cars – Terry Ream

Friendship Bracelets – Jillian Springer


According to a survey sent to all of the students, archery and dance were the most popular sessions. 


That same survey asked the students to write one thing they learned:

How to make sushi – Spencer Wishon

How to swing dance – Mackenzie Urban

I learned how to do a chain stitch in crochet – Ryllie Lippelmann

That an emotional support dog can help with anxiety and panic attacks – Kyra Sowers

Some plants can grow in just water – Tara Larson

How to play pinochle – Terrence Wahrman

How to play spoons – Serenity Porter

That dancing isn’t as bad as I thought – Keely Huff

I am decent at shooting a bow – Kaden Waterman

How to play chess – Gage Scott

How to shoot a bow – Tony Kuhlman

How to play pitch – Jenna Fortin

I learned about Japanese dioramas – Kelsey Sheats

I learned that I want to shoot a bow more often. I also learned that I love to use the cricut machine. – Hanna Quintana

Car restoration is very interesting – John Burmaster

How to have fun at school – Savannah Morris

How dogs are trained for bird hunting – Aidyn Witt

I learned how to make a plant hanger, and now I’m going to make a more difficult one – Katrina Neal

A lot about sprint cars -Sage Bryan

That I don’t have a clue how to dance – Logan Hayward

I learned a lot about bird dog training – Ana Freeman

That the seaweed around the rice for sushi is called nori – Shakira Cook

That yoga is a workout – Emma Anderson


On a scale of 1 to 5 – with 1 being “boring, let’s not do this again” and 5 being “Great! Let’s do it again,” 44 percent of the students marked “great,” 47 percent gave the day 4 out of 5, and 9 gave it a 3.


“It was a lot of fun and a nice break from school,” said senior Nick Baker.

Sophomore Franklin Smith, “It was pretty sold in my opinion.”


Seventh grader Koen Oien suggested, “We could do this on a whole day instead of a half day, so then we could get more time and maybe learn how to do more things.”

Senior Lily Hendrickson said, “It would be super cool if we did it on a full day of school; that way we can learn more.”


The teachers seemed to enjoy it too. Ms. Davis said, “I would easily do this for an entire day with a break during a session so I could walk around to see what others were doing.”


“I saw a lot of kids with smiles on their faces,” said Mr. Ketterl.


Mr. Kyle Breth said, “I got to interact with students outside my subject area.”


“The students seemed to enjoy themselves and was possibly a stress reliever day for them as well as some of the staff,” said Mr. Hardwick


Mr. Persinger said, “The students realized that their teachers have interests outside of school.”


I liked sharing something I am passionate about,” said Mr. Reichert.


There were several kids in my group that loved the challenge of crochet and want to keep trying it, and there were plenty that found out that maybe crochet isn't for them,” said Ms. Fort. “Either way, they learned something.”


“This was so much fun to just have fun with the students,” said Mrs. Tremblay.


Mrs. Scott organized the event, and the teachers hope to do this again – maybe adding sessions and community members.


“I liked it,” said Mrs. Witt.  “I think we could add all kinds of things to make it special for kids each time.”

Hobbies Day was a SUCCESS!

Cathy Anthony

Apr 26, 2021

I think this is a wonderful way to interact with students. It would be interesting to open up those who could teach to adults in the community. What could they teach? Maybe should do a poll. Cool beans folks!