Jr. High Music Festival - March 1, 2023


DCJHS Choir: I,I-,I-

(3 judges rate the choirs and bands)

Mixed Vocal Ensemble: II
Ladies Ensemble: II

Devyn Stagemeyer -Vocal Solo: I
Annabelle Bird -Vocal Solo: I-
Shaylynn Osorio-Diaz Vocal Solo: II+
Gage Williby -Vocal Solo: I
Harley Barnes -Vocal Solo: I-
Henry Bundgard -Vocal Solo: I-
Kaylee Kier -Vocal Solo: II+
Quinn Ketterl Vocal - Comments Only
Shaylynn Osorio-Diaz -Piano Solo: I-
Shayla Kisner -Trumpet Solo: I
Harley Barnes -Xylophone Solo: I
Bella Diederich -Flute Solo: I
Annabelle Bird -Clarinet Solo: I
Devyn Stagemeyer -Clarinet Solo: I
Shaylynn Osorio-Diaz -Bells Solo: II
Woodwind Quartet: I-
(Makayla Marshall, Devyn Stagemeyer, Shayla Kisner, and Bella Diederich)

"We are extremely proud of these students. What an excellent experience and lovely performances," said Lisa Johnson, DCHS vocal instructor. "DCJHS was well represented today. There was a large amount of work involved for the students preparing for their performances today that included hours of practice and lessons."

Mrs. Johnson also stated that our high school assistants for the day "were MIRACLE workers! Several teachers and adjudicators including music faculty from CCC gave BIG compliments on how wonderful they did monitoring doors, helping judges, and setting up the auditorium. THANK YOU high school assistants! What a long, beautiful day!"

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Junior High music students and directors.