6th Grade

Pizza, dictatorship, sibling rivalry: this is what happens when all the adults disappear. It's Skyler's birthday, but her brother Charlie is charismatic enough to be their leader. Soon, many of the party guests come to realize their ruler's ways are not always the best.

Join us Tuesday night, March 7, for "The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever" by this year's 6th grade class at 7pm in the DCHS Auditorium.

Narrator 1 – Brennen Louderback
Narrator 2 – Kennedy Chambers
Charlie – Job Kliewer
Kurt – Brody Fortin
Logan – Claire Scott
Wolf – CJaye Harris-Hays
Chef Jo – Arely Aguilar
Felix – Serenity Ozaeta
Quinn – Jade Tuttle
Eli – Rylee McNabb
Pim – Easton Hayes
Charlandians -
Trenton Wahlmeier
Grant Anderson
Aniston Andrews
Zayden Polfus
Callen Gish

Narrator 3 – Wyatt Scott
Narrator 4 – Jenna Fuentes
Skyler – Shelby Stuck
Reese – Gracie Lango
Gail – Mariah Scott
Emery – Justin Glass
Skymericans -
Bella Urban
Megan Geihsler
Kiaya Waterman
Shawna Ebert
Kiomi Davis
Wrangler Allen
Brooklynn Gehring

Director: Mrs. Jenny Tally