Savannah Morris

Today's Senior Spotlight is on Savannah Morris.

Savannah is the daughter of Maggie Smith and Dave Morris. She has an older brother – Dakota, and a younger brother – Tucker.

Savannah is a member of FFA and was the girls’ basketball manager. She was also on the volleyball team and a member of the choir. In her spare time, she likes spending time with her family and watching TikTok videos.

Her favorite DCHS activities are Halloween Clean-Up and Stuco’s Winter Olympics, and when she graduates, she will miss most her underclassmen friends and her teachers.

Savannah’s advice to the underclassmen is “Don't procrastinate doing your homework, especially during your senior year. Don't be afraid to be yourself and don't try to fit in. In 5 years, it won't even matter if you were popular in high school or not. NEVER wish you were older or say you want to be a senior when you're younger. It goes by really fast, and you'll miss being young. Last, don't take life for granted. It goes by fast, and you never know when your last day is going to be. Live life to the fullest.”

Savannah also said the people who have helped her the most through high school are Mrs. Breth and Mrs. Witt. “I would like to thank them for everything they have done for me. They truly helped me through the best and worst days of my high school days, and I don't know where I would be if they didn't work at DCHS.”

Savannah plans to attend Hays Academy of Hair Design.