2023 Awards Assembly
$97,650! That's the total dollar amount that seniors in the DCHS Class of 2023 received at the Awards Assembly on Wednesday, May 10. When the renewable scholarships are factored in, that number increases to $190,650.

Thank you to all of our scholarship donors -- including DCHS alumni, former teachers and administrators, businesses, community members, and organizations.

Several honors and awards were also handed out on Wednesday.

DCHS Recipients of Scholarships and Awards:
Alif Be Khe Scholarship - $250: Bryant Addleman, Joshua Juenemann, Ellie Anderson, Teague Morford, Breyana Gehring, Gabbie Vontz, Emma Holloway, Savannah Morris, Olivia Williby, Avery Witt

American Legion Post 70 - $1,000: Teague Morford

American Legion Auxiliary - $250: Ellie Anderson, Gabbie Vontz

Aquarius Club Educational Scholarship - $500: Joshua Juenemann

John R. and Nora H. Bearley Education Scholarship - $500: Olivia Williby

Benton Scholarship Award - $2,000: Ellie Anderson

Corey Cook Memorial Scholarship - $500: Teague Morford

Cliff & Avis (Willcoxon) Davis Memorial Scholarship - $1,000: Savannah Morris

Decatur Co-op Association Scholarship - $1,000: Joshua Juenemann, Teague Morford
DCA Employees' Scholarship - $500: Ellie Anderson

Oberlin Jaycees Scholarship - $500: Bryant Addleman, Teague Morford, Avery Witt

Oberlin Lions Club Scholarship - $500: Bryant Addleman

KU Love Scholarship - $4,000 renewable for 3 more years – Emma Holloway

Chapter BH PEO Scholarships - $800: Ellie Anderson, Olivia Williby

Pheasants Forever Sunflower Chapter 446 Scholarship - $500: Joshua Juenemann, Teague Morford, Gavin Seller

Gertrude Stoelzing & Cloyd B. Railsback Memorial Scholarship - $300: Gavin Seller

Oberlin Rotary Scholarships - $1,000: Bryant Addleman, Joshua Juenemann

Sherri Ruf Memorial Scholarship - $1,000: Olivia Williby

Goldie & Clara Scott Memorial Scholarship - $500: Gavin Seller, Avery Witt

Sons of American Legion Scholarship - $1,000: Gavin Seller

USD 294 Teaches' Association Scholarship - $250: Ellie Anderson, Breyana Gehring, Gavin Seller, Olivia Williby, Avery Witt

Colonel Townsend K-State Scholarship - $8,000 renewable for 3 more years: Bryant Addleman, Breyana Gehring

Sam R. and Kathleen Holthus Willcoxon KU Scholarship - $5,000 renewable for 3 more years: Emma Holloway

Dorshorst Memorial Scholarship - $1,000: Joshua Juenemann

Candy May Memorial Scholarship - $1,000: Gavin Seller

Leigh Davis Thespian of the Year Award - $200: Bryant Addleman

KSHSAA Citizenship Award - $100: Joshua Juenemann, Breyana Gehring
Dale Dennis Citizenship Award - $50: Ellie Anderson

Greater Salina Community Foundation Scholarships
Erik Erickson Memorial Scholarship - $1,000: Joshua Juenemann
Betts Family Scholarship - $2,500: Avery Witt
Glenn L. & Edna M. Mott Memorial Scholarship - $1,000: Joshua Juenemann
Decatur Community Education Foundation Scholarship - $800: Ellie Anderson, Avery Witt
Colonel Delbert L. Townsend 2-Year Scholarship - $2,000 renewable for 1 year: Ellie Anderson, Joshua Juenemann, Avery Witt

Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation Scholarships:
Flora Elizabeth Bouts Edwards Endowment Scholarship - $1,000:
Bryant Addleman, Ellie Anderson, Breyana Gehring, Joshua Juenemann, Emma Holloway, Savannah Morris, Olivia Williby, Avery Witt

Algoth and Elma Lee (Bearley) Erickson Scholarship: - $1,500: Ellie Anderson, Olivia Williby

Pete Henry Foundation Scholarships:
$1,500 – Bryant Addleman, Olivia Williby, Avery Witt
$1,200 – Breyana Gehring
$1,000 – Ellie Anderson, Gabbie Vontz
Career and Technical Education Scholarships:
$2,750 – Joshua Juenemann
$2,000 – Savannah Morris

Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarships:
Hansen Student Scholarships - $4,000 renewable for 1 year: Bryant Addleman, Emma Holloway
Career and Technical Education Scholarships - $4,000 renewable for 1 year: Teague Morford

Kansas Governor's Scholar – Emma Holloway
Certificate for Exceptional Academic Performance (at least 32 on ACT) – Emma Holloway
Kansas Board of Regents Curriculum Completer – Bryant Addleman
KBOR Kansas State Scholar – Bryant Addleman

President's Awards for Educational Excellence- Gold Awards (at least 25 on ACT and 3.5 GPA): Bryant Addleman, Emma Holloway, Olivia Williby

President's Awards for Educational Excellence- Silver Awards: (Exceptional Performance in CTE classes and the arts)
Digital Media – Olivia Williby
Vo-Ag – Teague Morford, Gavin Seller
Art – Gabbie Vontz, Adriona Wahrman
Forensics – Ellie Anderson
Theater – Bryant Addleman and Olivia Williby
Industrial Arts - Franklin Smith, Avery Witt, Savannah Morris, Joshua Juenemann, Ellie Anderson, Gavin Seller
Industrial Arts Silver Hammer Award (for Most Outstanding Performance): Teague Morford, Gabbie Vontz
Drafting – Bryant Addleman, Joshua Juenemann, Franklin Smith, Avery Witt
Journalism – Breyana Gehring

Principal's Awards - 4.0 GPA for 3 quarters: Emma Holloway, Noah Baker

Scholarship Awards - 3.4 GPA for 3 quarters:
SENIORS Bryant Addleman, Ellie Anderson, Breyana Gehring, Josh Juenemann, Teague Morford, Gavin Seller, Olivia Williby, Avery Witt

JUNIORS Ana Freeman, Taylor Ketterl, Addison Mathews, Jace Ostmeyer, Katrina Neal, Kamryn Oien, Maci Weigel, Dani Weyeneth, Aidyn Witt, Lukas Zodrow

SOPHOMORES Raelyn Bailey, Weston Barnes, Cameo Counter, Sophia Davis, Jenna Fortin, Kylie Gruwell, Jesse Hendrickson, Jack Holloway, Makadyn Ketterl, Talan Sauvage, Madison Urban, Michaela Wasson

FRESHMEN Sage Bryan, Theo Butterfield, Keely Huff, Brylee Minnick, Koen Oien, Tyler Ostmeyer, Valentina Rodriguez, Shelbi Weigel

Perfect Attendance: Terrence Wahrman, Ryllie Lippelmann

Pictures by Addison Mathews