Congratulations to the recipients of the awards given today during the 2023 Junior High Awards Assembly:

Citizenship Awards (chosen by the junior high faculty) - Maria Rodriguez and Caden Shaw

Perfect Attendance - Kent Ploussard

Principal's 4.0 Award - Jori Fortin (Straight A's for the first three quarters)

8th grade Honor Roll (3.0 for the first three quarters)
Cowen Anderson, Rustin Bailey, Harley Barnes, Wyatt Coryell, Guss Emigh, Skylar Hawkins, Katie Hayes, Brycen Ketterl, Shayla Kisner, Elsie Larson, Josiah Pattangall, Maria Rodriguez, Caden Shaw, Devyn Stagemeyer, Kelsi Weigel, Gage Williby

7th grade Honor Roll
Gus Bryan, Kira Burmaster, Jason Canto, Shaylynn Diaz, Gracie Domingo, Brady Gehring, Quinn Ketterl, Misty Kliewer, Lucas Linner, Makayla Marshall, Lauren May, Kent Ploussard, Bentley Sutherland, Dash Warren, Mitchell Wasson, Trevor Witt